Annual Report

Annual report by principal.

"Thank You Parents for your Appreciation"

Words of Appreciation from Parents:-

  • " Hello everyone,I am Mr. Kuldeep Chaudhary, father of Abharika Chaudhary (one of the students in UKG) Actually as a concerned parent, today I had a visit to the school campus so as to know the ground level scenario regarding how things are going to be for our children considering their academical, physical & mental growth. Obviously we all are aware about the strict regulations given by the government bodies to be followed as a protocol during this pandemic, but still the proper academical growth of our children should be least compromised I believe. That's why I thought of going to the school and clearing my worries as such. No doubt I was afraid if I could find someone to meet. But certainly I was really happy & amazed to see all the staff, the teachers, administrators as well as all the cleaners & bus drivers present on duty (even when the school has waived off the school bus fee) I found a renovated school with all the safety measures considered such as for example all the walls are now OIL PAINTED which makes those extremely simple & easy to sanitize & wash on daily basis, suddenly I realized that if somehow anytime tomorrow we get a surprise news of everything getting back to normal, I am ONE HUNDRED % sure that this school is absolutely ready to start the sessions right from tomorrow itself. So many things are achieved by the fees I paid for my child's education. It's Abharika's school after all. After the meeting with the Principal Mrs. Namrita Ohri, Pre-primary coordinator Ms. Asha Amar & having few discussions regarding my concerns, she gave me the complete idea of how things are going to be taken forward. I found it very exciting personally. She herself will let us all know about those plans soon. I thought of sharing my experience & views with you all."
    Thanks & Regards,

  • " DVVPF’s English Medium School has consistently evolved with time. They go beyond mundane ways of teaching and have proactively engaged students in new ways of learning. This has encouraged children in the school to be more adaptive and responsive in changing times. The school administration is quite promising and believes in building character and inculcating ethics which to me is more important than a mark sheet."
    Jitendra Bihani (Bangdiwala)

  • " Hi,I am Dr.Mahesh Gavhane from rahuri father of Manasi and Mrunal respectively studying in class V and class VII.Honestly I was about to switch the school this year, but went and met Principal ma'am before taking a final call. She devoted almost 90 minutes to all my issues for which I was about to change the school and practically we had a round of school which changes are already implemented. I was very satisfied with it.
    Best part was when online school started and I was about to visit the school, the same morning my 10 year kid telling me on her own" Papa our school has upgraded a lot this year." I think this was the biggest compliment for the school and all staff.
    Thank you Principal Ma’am and all the staff working hard for students in these tough times. Keep up the good work."

  • “ Dear All,My Son, Shashwat Ganvir has been studying in the school since the time it started.
    Here education goes hand in hand with safety and overall development of the child. The school offers a wide array of infrastructure facilities that provide students with the platform to expand their learning and grow in a healthy environment. Various outdoor sports are provided. With a high level of teaching by qualified staff, the school is the right place for a child to be.
    The Esteemed Management and Principal Madam are focused in their vision to take the school to greater heights.”
    Dr. Shyam Ganvir- PhD
    (Parent of Shashwat Ganvir)

  • " Dr. Vithalrao Vikhe Patil Foundation's English medium School is one of the best school in Ahmednagar city. Within 7 years it reached to topmost position due to constant guidance and encouragement of Khasdar Dr. Sujay Vikhe Patil and Mrs.Dhanashree Sujay Vikhe patil.All the teachers are doing their duties sincerely and with full dedication under the great leadership of Principal Mrs.Namrata Ohri ma'am.
    As a parent, I am happy and satisfied with academic, extracurricular activities of School.
    My best wishes for future progress of school."
    Dr.Sandeep Kadu,
    Student name-Shaneshraje Sandeep Kadu.

  • " DVVPF’s English Medium School has set a solid foundation and has come up as a successful brand. Even during this time of crisis, no stone is left unturned by the hardworking staff for the betterment of the students. Be it online classes or Art or assessment they are trying to get it all done. Hat's off for the staff."
    Sawan Gulati.
    (Parent of Shourya Gulati)

  • " You all are doing commendable job. We are really thankful to all the teachers, specially in this situation you all are teaching all the students so well. They are really happy and waiting for school videos, you all are explaining the concept so well, they understand it in one go. Without going to school, Anay is so excited to attend all videos and do his work on time. As you told to revise Mathematics chapters, he revised it by himself. Thank you all of you to keep motivating them All the very best wishes to you all."
    (Parent of Anay Amol Kulkarni)

  • " Congratulations you and Ur staff for execution of online classes in a extremely successful way... Student has remained busy and r having a fair understanding of what is being taught.... Subject wise test has given us an insight of how much our child has grasped...
    In view of present scenario I appreciate your efforts madam as am sure you want Ur first outgoing batch to perform excellent in finals...
    The session conducted by Ur daughter was good boost to students about their outlook on this important academic year...
    I would suggest madam that children should have such sessions to strengthen them mentally and boost their confidence as they prepare to face their first state level exams.." .
    Dr.Mrs.Vaibhavi Vanjare.
    (Parent of Sanika Vanjare- Class 10th A)

  • " Ma’am You are truly weaving all pearls of teachers and making it a beautiful necklace. In addition here we can also notice a Principal, teachers and Parents healthy relations as it happens in terms of family for a big prospect."
    Mr.Sagar Shinde.
    (Parent of Swayam Shinde)